Esperanza Numero Equivocado Translation

Esperanza Numero Equivocado Translation

Is the Spanish translation incorrectly numbered in Esperanza? 3

I had to write the wrong article in the last line of Espranza - no, sir, no, I'm not Isabel Sanchez and please, you will go to hell. I don't really understand what the other half of the line says, and I need to understand what it means to write the article correctly. Is there a Spanish speaker who can help me?

Here is the literal translation:

Wrong hope number

No sir, I'm not Isabel Sanchez and please go.

But I think it's better like this:

Or can I talk to Isabel Sanchez?

Sorry sir, but this is not the correct number.

(Pneumatic ring one and one)

No sir, I said this is not the right number, so go ahead.


Well, I'm a South American apple, as far as I understand it's a Mexican expression ...

Then the lock rings and he takes the keys and apparently he asks if I can talk to Isabel Sanchez and then he says no sir I'm not Isabel Sanchez can you go?

I understood that:

No sir, no I'm not Isabel Sanchez and please bother me (she'll cut herself).

I'm not Isabel Sanchez, please stay away.

in regards to.

Esperanza Numero Equivocado Translation