Definition of Escrow:

  1. An agreement in which the process, amount of money, title or property or other documents are entered into by a neutral third party (called an administrator) for a specified period or up to the first part (a settler, debtor, or terminating language) Occurs in a situation or event. When the requirements are met or the declared event is stated in the custody account, the custodian must return his / her assets or documents to the other designated party (known as the recipient, lender or language slip). ۔ Approval

Synonyms of Escrow

Vadimonium, Gage, Hostage, Vadium, Earnest, Bail, Hock, Pignus, Pledge, Earnest money, Bond, Undertaking, Mainprise, Replevy, Token payment, Surety, Replevin, Pawn, Handsel, Recognizance

How to use Escrow in a sentence?

  1. In the drug market, Silk Road has created small guarantee accounts so that buyers and sellers do not have to worry about fraud.
  2. Eleanor McBride wanted to find her home as soon as possible when the warehouse found out that her ex-husband was immediately cheating on her, but the money she was saving in the new house went bankrupt. That was not enough for anyone else. Have to do. Another plus
  3. The couple had to pay several thousand dollars as a suicide bomber while waiting for their home to be completed and closed.

Meaning of Escrow & Escrow Definition


What is Escrow?

  1. Meaning of Escrow: A pledge is a legal term used to describe a financial instrument used by a third party to hold suicidal assets or reserves through a negotiating party between two other parties. A custody account may include a fee maintained by the agent who owns the funds or assets unless appropriate instructions are received or specific contractual obligations are met. Money, bonds, funds and other assets can be kept safe. A similar process would be a fully funded letter of credit. They are often recommended as a substitute for a certified check or money order.

    • Obligations are the use of third parties who have assets or money before they are transferred from one party to another.
    • The third party retains the funds until both parties comply with the terms of the agreement.
    • Trusts are related to real estate transactions, but can be applied to any situation where funds flow from one party to another.

  2. Escrow definition is: An account in which money is kept for large and / or recurring expenses such as property taxes. An intermediary between accounts depositors and recipients who manage and pay accounts.

  3. Definition of Escrow: The contract or equity instrument or contract amount entrusted to a third party (federated or feudoshery) to fulfill certain obligations of a party to the contract, when the party, action or title, refunds the money. ۔

  4. Meaning of Escrow: The money is held in the hands of a third party until certain conditions are met.

Meanings of Escrow

  1. Guarantees, deeds or other documents in the custody of a third party will not be valid unless certain conditions are met.

  2. Care or trust

Sentences of Escrow

  1. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, home buyers regularly canceled predictions, citing only asbestos or radon.

  2. These resources are used exclusively to improve municipal services


How To Define Escrow?

Financial resources held by a third party for another transaction through another third party. Funds will be withheld until appropriate written or verbal instructions are received until obligations are met. Securities, funds and other assets can be kept.

Definition of Escrow: Money or goods placed under the supervision of a third party should be sent to the RECIPIENT only after fulfilling certain requirements.


Escrow Definition:

  1. Temporary holdings for private equity fund income. Generally, the IMF will retain all or part of its investment from the private equity manager until a certain performance is achieved or the IMF is rejected.

  2. A situation in which a third party, acting as a buyer and seller's representative, fulfills the instructions of both and is responsible for fulfilling all obligations and paying the amount at any conclusion or conclusion. Is.

  3. Escrow can be defined as, Cash or written instruments, such as neutral third party (pending payment) instruments based on the agreement between the two parties until all the terms of the agreement are met.