What is onico, strawberry, squash, juice in Mexican cuisine?

I don't know what Oniko means, but ...

Strawberry means strawberry in Spanish.

The juice is juice

escamochas is a Mexican fruit sweet.

Oniko means Mexican fruit salad with cream and raisins.

Strawberry means strawberry.

Escamochas means Escamochas is a Mexican fruit desert. On the Mexican side (at least with San Guo / Tejuana), they can be found in places called Pelletria or Ice Cream Parlors, commonly called La Mikan (maybe misspelled). They are usually placed on the surface with fruit in the lower or middle layer.

Which means Mexican fruit juice.


Name: Juice.

Moral Responsibility: YOOgo

Name: Strawberry

Annexure: Freesa.

Name: Unique

Ethical practice: OHNico

Name: Ekamochas.

Ethical action: EschaMOchas

If you have a Spanish accent, or if you are Spanish, this story will be easier to understand when you see the word, at least most of the time. But I helped

Onyx is a fruit dessert with a variety of fruits, garnished with coconut, vintage cream, raisins, etc.

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