Definition of Escalation:

  1. A rapid increase; a rise.

  2. Increase in price, specially due to inflation.

Synonyms of Escalation

Apotheosis, Ascent, Assumption, Beatification, Canonization, Deification, Elevation, Enshrinement, Erection, Exaltation, Height, Lifting, Raising, Rearing, Sursum corda, Upbuoying, Upcast, Upheaval, Uplift, Uplifting, Upping, Uprearing, Upthrow, Upthrust, Rapid increase, Rise, Hike, Advance, Growth, Leap, Upsurge, Upturn, Upswing, Climb, Jump, Spiralling

How to use Escalation in a sentence?

  1. Cost escalations.
  2. The price of a supply may take a rapid escalation and you will have to raise the prices of your product which may anger the customers.
  3. There was a huge escalation in the amount of fastballs the pitcher threw to the batter and it effected the way the batter approached his plate appearance.
  4. The escalation of the good was higher than expected so we had to revise our forecast for next years earnings.

Meaning of Escalation & Escalation Definition


Escalation: What is the Meaning of Escalation?

  • When pension payments are automatically increased by a certain percentage at regular intervals.

  • An initial agreement that allows higher prices to be transferred to another party and may be caused by circumstances beyond the control of either party, such as: B inflation.

Meanings of Escalation

  1. Get up fast, get up.

Sentences of Escalation

  1. Cost increase


Escalation means,

  1. When pension payments automatically increase at fixed intervals by a fixed percentage.

  2. Escalation means, An initial agreement that allows the other party to increase the ping rate that may arise due to circumstances beyond the control of either party, such as inflation.

Meanings of Escalation

  1. Go up fast.

Synonyms of Escalation

build-up, augmentation, stepping-up, intensification, aggravation, expansion, compounding, enlargement, mushrooming, deterioration, worsening, heightening, buildout, magnification, exacerbation, widening, amplification