Definition of Errata:

  1. An error in printing or writing.

  2. Short and minor revisions to a printed or published document to correct spelling and/or typing mistakes. In contrast to addendum, an errata does not adds to the text and, in contrast to corrigendum, does not subtract from it.

Synonyms of Errata

Error, Mistake, Miscalculation, Fallacy, Slip, Oversight, Fault, Blunder, Gaffe, Defect, Flaw, Acknowledgments, Back, Back matter, Bastard title, Bibliography, Catch line, Catchword, Colophon, Contents, Contents page, Copyright page, Dedication, Endleaf, Endpaper, Endsheet, Flyleaf, Folio, Fore edge, Foreword, Front matter, Half-title page, Head, Imprint, Index, Inscription, Introduction, Leaf, Makeup, Page, Preface, Preliminaries, Recto, Reverso, Running title, Signature, Subtitle, Table of contents, Tail, Text, Title, Title page, Trim size, Type page, Verso

How to use Errata in a sentence?

  1. When the teacher grades my essays and tests, she attaches multiple errata to show my grammatical errata and the appropriate corrections.
  2. Sometimes you will read over a document and notice some mistakes so have to ask them to make an errata to get it right.
  3. The publisher has inserted an erratum slip noting three errors in dates and explaining that a contrite Hoban ‘writes at all hours of the day and night, sometimes when a little the worse for wear’.
  4. The errata was necessary for our printing publication to thrive once it was released in the market. We were happy for this.

Meaning of Errata & Errata Definition