Definition of ERISA Plan:

ERISA Plan definition is: The health plan is based on the Employees' Payments and Pensions Act 1974 (ERISA). The program is self-financing, meaning that benefits are paid only with employer contributions and employee bonuses. ERISA packages are administered by the US Department of Labor (also known as the self-financing package).

Literal Meanings of ERISA Plan


Meanings of Plan:
  1. A program that facilitates regular payments of contributions to a pension, savings account or insurance policy.

  2. Images or diagrams created by projection on a horizontal plane, especially the floor plan of a building or a floor.

  3. The diagram shows how things are organized.

  4. A systematic program of action to achieve goals.

  5. It is used to show that even the most careful planning does not always guarantee success.

  6. Extremely sensible action.

  7. Follow the agreement or plan.

  8. It is used to indicate approval of a proposal.

Sentences of Plan
  1. This will allow residents to review detailed project proposals and talk to council officials about how they will be implemented.

  2. It is also likely that the European Parliament will request more detailed plans for other proposed measures for public consultation.

  3. The Lancashire Territory Council offered to use its advice to help develop a detailed plan.

  4. Although plans are made at the college level, not all proposed schools are open.

  5. When an application is heard as part of an operational plan and a proposed plan, there will be another additional cost.

  6. There are many concerns about this and that there is no plan to achieve peace.

  7. Discussions will be held in both the villages to find out whether the project can be implemented or not.

  8. He said the only way to achieve this plan is to identify areas where costs can be reduced while care can be taken in areas of clinical need.

Synonyms of Plan

contemplate, sketch out, devise, method, prepare, work out, aim, propose, arrange, aspiration, system, sketch, have in mind, stratagem, wish, map, scenario, ploy, ambition, make a map of