Erin Is Late To Physics Class

Erin Is Late To Physics Class

Questions about frequency physics? 3

Erin is late for her physics class and comes to clean the room when the doorbell rings. There are two bells in the hallway, one in the back and one in front of the hallway you are approaching. They all ring at a frequency of 500.0 Hz. When Erin descends from the hallway into the dressing room at a speed of 1000 meters per second, how much frequency does she hear with each bell?

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It depends on the temperature, but given the ambient temperature ...

Approaching 1 o'clock

Frequency 2 = 500 Hz (340 m / s / 340 m / s 1 m / s)

F = 498.5 Hz

2. Reverse Bell

Frequency 2 = 500 Hz (340 m / s / 340 m / s + 1 m / s)

F = 501.5 Hz

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A. Regardless of tube length L, core wavelength = 4L. (This is 4L for a closed tube at one end, 2L for an open tube at both ends.) If the tube has the longest resonance length (17 cm), then the basic wavelength of the tube (68 cm) ) And the clamp wavelength is the same, if the length is equal, 51 cm x 68 cm, the fork wavelength is 1/3 times the wavelength of the new 2.04 meter tube base. A closed tube has the property of repeating with the odd distribution of the core wavelength or with the odd multiplier of the core frequency. If a closed tube is the length of a variable, then this ■■■■ bends to any length equal to an odd number of wavelengths divided by 4. Then f = c / Lambda1 = 340 / (4 * 0.17) = 500 Hz BO The next echo occurs when the length of the tube is L = 5 * 68 cm / 4 = 85 cm.

Erin Is Late To Physics Class