Definition of Equivalent:

  1. A person or thing that fits or matches another in terms of price, quantity, functions, meaning, etc.

  2. Terms that indicate a change of factor when the specifications are compared and the level of performance is checked. It is often used interchangeably with it.

  3. Equal in value, quantity, functions, meaning, etc.

Synonyms of Equivalent

Identic, Affirmative, Ditto, Token, Of one mind, Tentative, In agreement, All the same, Correlate, Convertible, Makeweight, Brother, Of a kind, Consistent, Compatible, Of a piece, Relief, Complement, Quid pro quo, Counterpart, At one, Coexisting, Parallel, Spit and image, Vice-regent, Coterminous, Reciprocating, Self-consistent, Vice-president, Imitation, Understudy, Symbol, Ersatz, Equipollent, Deputy, Coextensive, Selfsame, Companion, Complementary, Similar, Fellow, None other, Changeable, Comparison, Provisional, On all fours, Complemental, Fill-in, Sub, Pinch hitter, Correspondent, Coordinate, Such, Akin, Metonymy, Consentaneous, Equiparant, Positive, Exchange, Counterpart, Image, Of a size, Matching, The same, Temporary, Reserves, Match, Synonymous, Answerable, Unanimous, Surrogate, Mutual, All one, Conformable, The same difference, Third string, Sign, Uniform, Synchronous, Changeling, Alter ego, Associate, Ally, Metaphor, Tantamount, Concurring, Suchlike, Even, Mate, Counterweight, Double, Counterbalance, Twin, Spares, Vicarious, Reconcilable, Similitude, Transposed, Of like mind, Change, Superseder, Accordant, Representative, Homonym, Stand-in, Sister, Mock, In rapport, Congenator, Succedaneum, Synonym, Switched, Doppelganger, Consentient, Carbon copy, Complement, Pendant, Identical, Fake, Coincidental, Agent, Answering, Synchronized, Locum tenens, Inharmony, Analogue, Ringer, Soul mate, In synchronization, Facsimile, Tit for tat, Replica, Secondary, Standard, In sync, Homograph, Substitute, Rival, Replacement, The like of, Consonant, Setoff, Analogon, Counterpoise, Copy, Equal, Balance, Coequal, Offset, Utility player, Twin, Proxy, Supplanter, Ballast, Dummy, Commutative, Personnel, Ghostwriter, Unisonant, Equal, Reciprocative, Concordant, Swapped, Actual thing, Spare, Equipoise, Undifferenced, Substituent, Harmonious, Like, Reciprocal, Inaccordance, Phony, Congenial, Give-and-take, Identical same, Alternative, Cooperative, No other, Permutable, Spitting image, Stopgap, Likeness, Cooperating, Next best thing, Congruent, Agnate, Interchangeable, Second self, Homologous, Match, Picture, Proportionate, Congener, Tally, Ghost, Coherent, Very image, Reserve, Second string, Agreeable, Alike, Substitution, Alternative, Alternate, Close, Counterfeit, Dead ringer, Like-minded, Indistinguishable, Duplicate, Correlative, Compeer, Analogy, Synecdoche, Very same, Opposite number, Idem, Equalizing, Agreeing, In accord, Paralleling, Something of value, Opposite number, Commutable, Parallel, Congruous, Coinciding, Coexistent, Cognate, Consideration, Returnable, Interchanged, Corresponding, Symbiotic, Exchanged, Retaliatory, Analogue, Exact counterpart, Much the same, Obverse, The likes of, Unisonous, Simulacrum, Close match, Peer, Makeshift, Near duplicate, En rapport, Commensurate, Analogous, Close copy, Vicar, Identical, Homophone, Traded, Coincident, Comparable, Utility, Double, Kindred spirit, Backup, Pinch

How to use Equivalent in a sentence?

  1. When I say I want 10 hours of work, I mean you can work less as long as you do all the work.
  2. French equivalent of the FBI
  3. Sometimes, when you don't have what you are looking for, you can use someone else's equivalent to get the job done.
  4. One unit is equal to one glass of wine.
  5. When you find yourself in a difficult situation and don't have what you need, try to find something of equal value.

Meaning of Equivalent & Equivalent Definition

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