Equity security

Equity security,

Definition of Equity security:

  1. Stock (shares) that represents ownership of a firm. Equity securities usually provide steady income as dividends but may fluctuate significantly in their market value with the ups and downs in the economic cycle and the fortunes of the issuing firm.

  2. Right to subscribe for, or convert another security (such as a bond) into, the common stock (ordinary shares) of a firm.

Meaning of Equity security & Equity security Definition

Equity Security,

What is Equity Security?

A tool to show ownership of a company's shares. Actions are actions.

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Meanings of Equity:
  1. The standard of being fair and impartial.

  2. Price of shares issued by the company.

  3. The property is mortgaged after value.

  4. (In the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other countries) An association of professional actors in particular.

Sentences of Equity
  1. Treatment of justice

  2. The group owns 62% of the capital

  3. People who have significant equity in their homes

Synonyms of Equity

fairness, fair-mindedness, justness, justice, equitableness, fair play, value, worth, valuation


Meanings of Security:
  1. Danger or danger-free state.

  2. Goods that are maintained or are committed to fulfilling obligations or strengthening loans, which are issued in default.

  3. A certificate proving the credibility, ownership of bonds, ownership of the exchanged derivative.

  4. Private police force protects buildings, campuses, parks, etc.

Sentences of Security
  1. This system provides maximum protection against toxic emissions

  2. The money is used as a fundraiser until the final appeal.

  3. The new rules also make donations of mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other securities more attractive.

  4. Police, private security guards and volunteers are in large numbers to investigate the untoward incident.

Synonyms of Security

protection, defence, guard, shelter, screen, buffer, preventive, precaution, prophylactic, provision, security, safety measure, surety, cover, insurance, indemnity, guarantee, collateral, pledge, bond, investments, shares