Equity-Linked Security (ELKS)

Equity-Linked Security (ELKS),

Equity-Linked Security (ELKS) Meanings:

  • The term equity collateral refers to the instrument of variable repayment debt associated with the stock market benchmark. This bond is a type of structured alternative fixed income product, often in the form of bonds. Equity-linked securities are commonly used in private market venture capital financing and are offered to investors to raise business capital. As such, they do not trade on financial market exchanges.

    • Equity-linked securities are debt securities with floating interest rates linked to stock market benchmarks.
    • They are offered to investors so that issuers can raise capital.
    • This bond is a type of structured alternative fixed income product, often in the form of bonds.
    • ELKS typically has a one-year maturity and usually offers higher returns than underlying bonds.
    • Different types of ELKS include corporations, banks and markets.

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