Equity Carve-out

Equity Carve-out,

Equity Carve-out Meanings:

You can define Equity Carve-out as, Spin-off occurs when a company sells a minority interest (usually 20% or less) to a subsidiary for an initial public offering or rights offer.

Literal Meanings of Equity Carve-out


Meanings of Equity:
  1. The standard of fairness and impartiality.

  2. Value of shares issued by a company.

  3. Guaranteed value of the property after reduction of applicable fees.

  4. (US, UK and some other countries) A ​​union consisting mostly of professional actors.

Sentences of Equity
  1. Fair treatment

  2. People who have accumulated large amounts of equity in their homes

Synonyms of Equity

equitableness, valuation, fairness, worth, justness, fair-mindedness, fair play, value, justice


Meanings of Carve:
  1. Cut (hard material) to make objects, designs or letters.

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Sentences of Carve
  1. The wood is carved with runes

  2. I got up and cut the fried chicken

  3. Busy building a successful singing career

  4. My wife loves Nazul, the sweetheart who loves to see me turn.

Synonyms of Carve

slice, sculpt, dice, chop, cut up, sculpture


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  3. Australia's first Labor party, which was highly critical of colonial policies, wanted the people to govern more directly.

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Equity Carve-out,

Equity Carve-out means,

Spin-off occurs when a company sells interest in a subsidiary (usually 20% or less) for an initial public offering or rights offer.

Literal Meanings of Equity Carve-out


Meanings of Equity:
  1. The value of secured assets after a foreclosure deduction.

  2. (In the UK, US and some other countries) A ​​union that all professional actors should have.

Synonyms of Equity

egalitarianism, neutrality, ownership, honourableness, objectivity, rights, even-handedness, rightfulness, open-mindedness, disinterestedness, balance, honesty, righteousness, impartiality, sensibleness, disinterest, reasonableness, rectitude, decency, scrupulousness, uprightness, rightness, goodness, proprietorship, properness, integrity, right of possession, conscientiousness


Meanings of Carve:
  1. Kit (hard material) for making objects, designs or letters.

  2. (Cooked meat) Cut into pieces to eat.

  3. Make the ski by leaning on the edge and using it to bend your body weight in such a way that it slips into an arc.

Sentences of Carve
  1. Engaged in a successful singing career.

Synonyms of Carve

engrave, chip, shape, print, fashion, etch, hew, score, hack, incise, mark, slash, notch, whittle, cut in, form, chisel


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  7. English for all 159

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