Definition of Equitable:

  1. Valid in equity as distinct from law.

  2. Fair and impartial.

  3. Remedy or solution that is ethically or legally just and reasonable under the circumstances, but may or may not be wholly satisfactory to any or all the involved parties. See also equity.

Synonyms of Equitable

Balanced, Defensible, Deserved, Detached, Disinterested, Dispassionate, Due, Equal, Equivalent, Ethical, Even, Evenhanded, Fair, Fair and square, Fair-minded, Fit, Good, Identical, Impartial, Impersonal, Indifferent, Judicious, Just, Justifiable, Justified, Lawful, Legal, Level, Meet, Meet and right, Merited, Moral, Neutral, Objective, Open-minded, Principled, Proper, Reasonable, Right, Right and proper, Right-minded, Rightful, Same, Square, Stable, Tolerant, Unbiased, Unbigoted, Uncolored, Undazzled, Uninfluenced, Unjaundiced, Unprejudiced, Unprepossessed, Unswayed, Warrantable, Warranted, Fair, Just

How to use Equitable in a sentence?

  1. An equitable balance of power.
  2. The beneficiaries have an equitable interest in the property.
  3. Sometimes when two parties are arguing for different things they will have to come to an equitable understanding even if both dont get exactly what they want.
  4. The kids summer baseball league was looking for equitable umpires that would call the game the way it should be.
  5. It is important in a negotiation that both sides can come to an agreement that is equitable to both in the long term.

Meaning of Equitable & Equitable Definition