Equine Studies Institute Reviews

Equine Studies Institute Reviews

Is the Stus Insute horse respectable? 3

Today I did some research to become a certified CSR instructor and found a website called Equine Stus Insute. Your speed, anytime. The situation is doubtful for me, but I am trying to make sure that if they become honorable when they enter college next fall, I can do some summer courses after I get there. After four years (the first adult learning center) and studying horse science, I will now have more and more educational training and practical experience. Does anyone have any information about this input?


I have practical experience and I know you can't just take online courses and expect to become a CSR coach. I'm not even looking for the key to transition, my deep college experience with my current practical work, regardless of whether I moved to a four-year college. My plan is to study animal science with a major in equine science at the University of Missouri or Kansas. I have been riding horses and doing CSR since I was 10 years old and I keep doing that.

I've never heard of it.

When I visited the site, the fact that, like most educational programs, the domain was .com, not .edu or .org, made me a little suspicious.

Personally, I would ask the local trainer for advice on how to keep it safe, so to speak.

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This key has not been moved! It is not a recognized university. Universities can be recognized nationally and regionally. If the university is not recognized, it will not be recognized by the US Department of Education. See this accreditation page:


Equine Studies Institute Reviews