Definition of Equal:

  1. Being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value.

  2. Having the ability or resources to meet (a challenge).

  3. Be the same as in number or amount.

  4. A person or thing considered to be the same as another in status or quality.

  5. Exactly the same

    Example: Male and female employees have equal pay.

Synonyms of Equal

Accord, Accordant, Agent, Agree, Aligned, Alike, Alter ego, Alternate, Alternative, Amount to, Analogous, Analogy, Approach, At par, Au pair, Automatic, Backup, Balance, Balanced, Be parallel, Beat, Break even, Brother, Capable of, Challenge comparison, Change, Changeable, Changeling, Coequal, Coextend, Coextending, Coextensive, Coincident, Coincidental, Coinciding, Collateral, Colleague, Come to, Come up to, Commensurable, Commensurate, Commutable, Commutative, Comparable, Compare, Comparison, Compeer, Competitor, Concurrent, Congruent, Congruous, Consistent, Consonant, Constant, Continuous, Convertible, Coordinate, Copy, Correspond, Correspond to, Correspondent, Corresponding, Coterminous, Counterfeit, Counterpart, Deputy, Dispassionate, Distributional, Distributive, Ditto, Double, Draw, Drawn, Dummy, Duplicate, Emulate, Equable, Equal to, Equalize, Equalized, Equalizing, Equidistant, Equilateral, Equipollent, Equispaced, Equitable, Equivalent, Ersatz, Eurythmic, Even, Even off, Even stephen, Exchange, Exchanged, Fair, Fake, Fellow, Fifty-fifty, Fill-in, Finished, Flat, Ghost, Ghostwriter, Give-and-take, Go alongside, Go beside, Half, Half-and-half, Halvers, Harmonious, Homogeneous, Identic, Identical, Imitation, Immutable, Impartial, Indistinguishable, Interchangeable, Interchanged, Invariable, Just, Keep pace with, Knot, Knotted, Level, Like, Lined up, Locum tenens, Makeshift, Match, Match up with, Matching, Mate, Measure up, Measure up to, Measured, Mechanical, Meet, Metaphor, Methodic, Metonymy, Monolithic, Mutual, Next best thing, Nip and tuck, Nonconvergent, Nondivergent, Objective, Of a piece, On a footing, On a level, On a par, On even ground, Opposite number, Ordered, Orderly, Par, Parallel, Parallelepipedal, Parallelinervate, Paralleling, Parallelodrome, Parallelogrammatic, Parallelogrammic, Parallelotropic, Partake of, Particular, Peer, Per capita, Per head, Permutable, Persistent, Personnel, Phony, Pinch hitter, Pro rata, Proportional, Proportionate, Proportioned, Prorated, Proxy, Quits, Reach, Reciprocal, Reciprocating, Reciprocative, Regular, Relief, Replacement, Representative, Reserves, Respective, Retaliatory, Returnable, Ringer, Rival, Robotlike, Run abreast, Run parallel, Run to, Second string, Secondary, Selfsame, Several, Sign, Similar, Smooth, Spares, Square, Square with, Stable, Stack up with, Stalemated, Stand-in, Standard, Steadfast, Steady, Sub, Substituent, Substitute, Substitution, Succedaneum, Superseder, Supplanter, Surrogate, Swapped, Switched, Symbol, Symmetric, Symmetrical, Synecdoche, Synonymous, Systematic, Tally, Tally with, Tantamount, Third string, Tie, Tied, Token, Top, Touch, Traded, Transposed, Twin, Unbiased, Unbroken, Unchangeable, Unchanged, Unchanging, Uncolored, Understudy, Undeviating, Undifferentiated, Undiversified, Uniform, Unprejudiced, Unruffled, Unvaried, Unvarying, Up to, Utility player, Vicar, Vice-president, Vice-regent, Vie, Vie with, Well-balanced, Well-set, Well-set-up, Without distinction, Identical, Uniform, Alike, Like, The same, One and the same, Equivalent, Indistinguishable, Be equal to, Be equivalent to, Be the same as, Correspond to, Equivalent, Peer, Fellow, Coequal, Like, Capable of, Fit for, Up to, Good enough for, Strong enough for, Adequate for, Sufficient for, Ready for

How to use Equal in a sentence?

  1. Four plus six divided by two equals five.
  2. Add equal amounts of water and flour.
  3. We all treat each other as equals.
  4. The players proved equal to the task.

Meaning of Equal & Equal Definition