Equal Pay Act

Equal Pay Act,

Equal Pay Act: What is the Meaning of Equal Pay Act?

Equal Pay Act means: In the UK, a 1970 government law gives men the same pay and benefits as men for equal work.

Literal Meanings of Equal Pay Act


Meanings of Equal:
  1. Equivalent to number, size, variety or value.

  2. Gain the ability or resources to meet (challenges)

  3. A person or something that is considered similar to another in terms of status or quality.

  4. The same is true of quantity or quantity.

Sentences of Equal
  1. Add equal amounts of water and flour

  2. The players are ready for work

  3. We all treat each other equally

  4. Four plus six is ​​equal to two is equal to five

Synonyms of Equal

identical, uniform, alike, like, the same, one and the same, equivalent, indistinguishable, capable of, fit for, up to, good enough for, strong enough for, adequate for, sufficient for, ready for, peer, fellow, coequal, be equal to, be equivalent to, be the same as, correspond to


Meanings of Pay:
  1. Work Give money (to someone) owed to someone, received goods or loans.

  2. Facing loss or other misfortune as a result of an action.

  3. Give (attention, respect or admiration) to (someone)

  4. Someone is paid for a regular job.

  5. Seal (deck or hull connection) with tar tar or tar to prevent leakage.

Sentences of Pay
  1. Pay the locals to get their coffee beans

  2. He paid the price for his impatience

  3. No one paid attention to them

  4. Those who work under the contract may receive higher wages

Synonyms of Pay

reward, reimburse, recompense, give payment to, settle up with, remunerate, tip, indemnify, suffer, suffer the consequences, be punished, pay a penalty, atone, make atonement, pay the price, get one's deserts, take one's medicine, bestow, present, grant, give, hand out, extend, offer, proffer, render, afford, salary, wages, wage


Meanings of Act:
  1. The written rules of Congress or other legislatures are laws.

Sentences of Act
  1. He called on Washington to act

  2. They chased the man who was acting suspiciously

  3. Blood samples are tested to find out how the drug works in the body.

Synonyms of Act

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