Definition of Epiphany:

  1. Christ's appearance before the Gentiles, represented by the wise (Matthew 2: 1-12).

  2. Sudden awareness of the nature or meaning of something. Often, the revelation comes from an experience that can trigger a sudden sensation.

Synonyms of Epiphany

Satanophany, Showing forth, Outcropping, Direct communication, Materialization, Evidence, Evincement, Rising, Exposure, Inspiration, Visibleness, Avatar, Presentation, Coming, Embodiment, Realization, Theophania, Publication, What is revealed, Rise, Opening, Proof, Prophecy, Angelophany, Expression, Disclosure, Appearing, Divine inspiration, Forthcoming, Afflatus, Perceptibility, Visuality, Mystical experience, Pneumatophany, Unfolding, Apparition, The visible, Manifestation, Unfoldment, Outcrop, Christophany, Dissemination, Theopneustia, Revelation, Apocalypse, Observability, Issuance, Appearance, Theophany, Seeableness, Coming-forth, Showing, Materializing, Arising, Indication, Coming into being, Theopneusty, Emergence, Mysticism, Discernibleness, The seen, Divine revelation, Incarnation, Visibility, Occurrence

How to use Epiphany in a sentence?

  1. I couldn't find the right formula for my chemistry project until I developed and realized the right element to include.
  2. One day, I received a revelation that made me think about the purpose of my life and the direction I was taking.
  3. Some of my most important ideas come in the form of revelation when a unique and creative idea comes out of nowhere.
  4. The story of the Apocalypse was told by the first three preachers: Matthew, Mark and Luke.

Meaning of Epiphany & Epiphany Definition