Epicrisis Que Es

Epicrisis Que Es

Does anyone know what epicrisis is? 3

In our language: This is the analysis that the doctor does after the examination, it is what he writes and describes what the patient has ........

Epicrisis Que Es

Epicrisis Que Es

This is XD patient pathology control.

Epicrisis swords are Latin swords:

epi = beginning or commencement

Crisis = Conflict

Therefore, an epic can be interpreted as the beginning of a conflict or problem, the beginning of an event that causes distress.

Summary of Clinical History or Epilepsy: This is a summary of the disease that will be given to the patient when he returns home.

In the clinical summary, which shows the important aspects of the patient's disease, it classifies the pathological elements and follows the order of audit for treatment (diet by my president, etc.).

It is divided into two parts:

Administration Area (Patient Personal Data)

Professional technical area (data on reasons for admissions, evaluation, etc.)

Epicrisis is a critical analysis or discussion of a clinical case after completion (Dorland Encyclopedic Erado Dictionary of Medicine, 26th ed. Inter-American. McGraw-Hill).

Epicrisis Que Es