Definition of Entrepreneurship:

  1. Starting a business or company, taking financial risk to make a profit.

  2. The ability and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business, as well as the risks involved in generating profits. The most obvious example of a business is starting a new business.

    In business, business can be profitable in combination with ownership, labor, natural resources and capital. Entrepreneurship is characterized by innovation and risk acceptance and is an essential component of a country's ability to grow in a constantly changing and increasingly competitive global market.

How to use Entrepreneurship in a sentence?

  1. New business opportunities have boosted business on a large scale.
  2. Entrepreneurship can be difficult because there is no guarantee that the company will succeed and traders may lose money in the early years.
  3. The student has a degree in business administration and wants to use his strong entrepreneurial spirit to grow the business of his dreams.
  4. The way Bill Gates revolutionized the way we use our personal computers is a great example of simplicity and entrepreneurship.

Meaning of Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurship Definition