Definition of Entity:

  1. With something different and independent.

  2. An individual, partnership, organization or company that has a separate legal identity and existence.

Synonyms of Entity

Subsistence, Institution, System, Integer, Critter, Establishment, An existence, Thing, Module, Soul, Material, Something, Creature, Totality, Singleton, Quantity, Point, Ens, Sum, Materiality, Individual, Substance, Being, Esse, Existence, Quiddity, Quintessence, Organism, Monad, Operation, Person, Body, Matter, Occurrence, Object, Article, Existent, Unit, Persona, Body, Presence, Organization, Single, Stuff, Substantiality, Integral, Essence, Personality, Item, Entelechy, Integrate, Life

How to use Entity in a sentence?

  1. There was a sad expression on every creature in the whole room, the lips dominating the lower and sad eyes showing their pain.
  2. The church and the kingdom will merge into one.
  3. Facebook recently bought the company's instant chat. SnapChat is a private service that provides SMS services to its users. Facebook bought it for 19 billion.
  4. The entrepreneur decides to turn his business into a corporation.

Meaning of Entity & Entity Definition