Entity Purchase Agreement

Entity Purchase Agreement,

What is Entity Purchase Agreement?

  1. Entity Purchase Agreement means, Provisions for the purchase of a portion of the deceased company's equity

Literal Meanings of Entity Purchase Agreement


Sentences of Entity
  1. The church and the kingdom merge into one

Synonyms of Entity

operation, establishment, body, organization, institution


Meanings of Purchase:
  1. Lift (rope or cable) or lift (anchor) with pulley, lever etc.

  2. Put yourself in a position or position yourself in something so that the options can be used better, or the benefits of using it.

Sentences of Purchase
  1. The hooves of the horses fought to catch the slippery floor

Synonyms of Purchase

snap up, invest in, pick up, acquire, fingerhold, grasp, put money into, obtain, firm contact, shop for, footing, buy, anchorage, foothold, secure, procure, come by, grip, hold, pay for, support, attachment, toehold, take


Meanings of Agreement:
  1. Harmony or consensus of opinion or sense of position or the result of an agreement.

Sentences of Agreement
  1. The government has not reached an agreement

Synonyms of Agreement

accordance, harmony, concord, sympathy, concurrence, unison, consensus, like-mindedness, accord, rapport, unity