Definition of Entitlement:

  1. Distribution or exercise of an absolute privilege or right to an economic benefit (such as old age pension, social security, unemployment stipend) granted by contract or law, automatically upon meeting the required qualification.

  2. Claim or right defended by reference to a precedence or established procedure.

  3. Government scheme benefiting members of a particular group.

  4. Offer or an actual payment of cash or stock (shares) to the holder of a security.

How to use Entitlement in a sentence?

  1. I do not feel entitlement s are ideal but they do serve as a safety net for many people in the USA.
  2. Despite the knowledge that he wasnt the most qualified for the position, Mark felt a lot of entitlement to the position of manager.
  3. Carlton had had it up to here with his spoiled children and their sense of entitlement so when they both virtually demanded new cell phones, he refused and confiscated all of their electronic devices.

Meaning of Entitlement & Entitlement Definition