Definition of Entitled:

  1. Believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

  2. Having rights and privileges to something either by legal mandates or by policies set in place. For example, employees are entitled to safe working environments based upon laws and other legal restrictions set on US companies.

  3. Designated, such as a position within a company. For example, a new corporate position may be entitled Regional Vice President of Manufacturing.

Synonyms of Entitled

Ascribable, Attributable, Authorized, Chartered, Deserved, Deserving, Due, Earned, Empowered, Enfranchised, Entitled to, Franchised, Justified, Licensed, Merited, Meriting, Meritorious, Patented, Privileged, Qualified, Sanctioned, Warranted, Well-earned, Worthy, Worthy of

How to use Entitled in a sentence?

  1. Kids who feel so entitled and think the world will revolve around them.
  2. Some people feel entitled to receive the dividends they have been accustomed to however the dividend generating policy may be changed tomorrow.
  3. Some workers feel that they are entitled to take longer breaks, because they perform better at their job than others.
  4. Every worker in the United States is entitled to the United States national minimum wage, the policy exists so that workers cannot be paid less than this.

Meaning of Entitled & Entitled Definition