Definition of Entice:

  1. Attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage.

  2. To attract a person, corporation or other entity, by making something more desirable or appealing. For example, corporations may entice college students to apply for a job by promoting their employee benefits and bonus packages.

Synonyms of Entice

Allure, Attract, Bait, Bait the ■■■■, Beguile, Blandish, Cajole, Coax, Decoy, Draw, Draw in, Draw on, Ensnare, Entrap, Flirt, Flirt with, Give the come-on, Inveigle, Lead on, Lure, Offer bait to, Persuade, Prevail on, Rope in, Seduce, Soft-soap, Suck in, Sweet-talk, Tempt, Toll, Wheedle, Woo, Tempt, Allure, Lure, Attract, Dangle a carrot in front of

How to use Entice in a sentence?

  1. A show that should entice a new audience into the theater.

Meaning of Entice & Entice Definition