Enterprise Distribution

Enterprise Distribution

Enterprise distribution can happen when an enterprise program allows Apple developers to develop their own internal applications that can be distributed to employees.

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Meanings of Distribution:
  1. The act of distribution or the state of distribution.

  2. Distribution in accordance with the law (funds, assets).

  3. The process by which goods reach end-users in a geographic market, including warehousing, sale, shipping, and promotion.

  4. Each portion divided.

  5. Result of the distribution agreement.

  6. The total number of items sold or shipped to customers.

  7. Frequency of occurrence or degree of existence.

  8. The distribution of income or wealth among the population.

  9. How a player's hand is divided into suits, or how a particular suit is divided between players.

  10. A probability distribution is a set of relative probabilities that a variable has a value in a given interval.

  11. A subset of the tangent package of a manifold that satisfies a number of properties used to construct the concepts of integrability and foliation of a manifold.

  12. A distribution of related software components.

  13. The process or outcome of the sale of securities, especially their placement with investors with a long-term investment strategy.

  14. The disintegration of the whole into its parts.

  15. The process of sorting the species and placing them in their respective boxes in boxes.

  16. (steam engines) The steps or operations by which steam enters and exits a cylinder with each of the piston: aspiration, suppression or closure, release or exhaust, and compression of the exhaust vapor before the next admission.

  17. Rhetorical device in which a subject is divided into multiple cases based on one or more characteristics, each case being considered individually.

Sentences of Distribution
  1. The circulation of my Little Rock magazine is approximately 3,000 copies.

  2. The distribution of wealth in a kleptocracy is extremely unequal.

  3. The filer had 3622 distributions.

Enterprise Distribution