Definition of Entail:

  1. Losing generations of assets inherited from several generations to survive in another family or group.

  2. Add an integral part or (as a result) something.

  3. Limit inheritance so that it can only be inherited for certain types of inheritance (such as men or women), not for all heirs.

  4. Assign inheritance (property) between generations so that the property belongs to a particular group, usually a family.

Synonyms of Entail

Call for, Point indirectly to, Bring to mind, Incorporeal hereditament, Express, Allude to, Be symptomatic of, Devise, Execute a will, Highlight, Leave, Primogeniture, Connote, Bequeath, Reversion, Hand down, Comprise, Demand, Differentiate, Will and bequeath, Heirloom, Line of succession, Heritance, Postremogeniture, Heritage, Pass on, Patrimony, Argue, Note, Gavelkind, Give evidence, Call for, Reveal, Cause, Affect, Display, Mode of succession, Require, Symptomatize, Hereditament, Make a will, Give token, Presuppose, Bequeathal, Succession, Necessitate, Bequest, Allegorize, Assume, Necessitate, Will to, Show, Suggest, Denote, Ultimogeniture, Imply, Implicate, Contain, Take, Identify, Bespeak, Law of succession, Betoken, Mean, Give rise to, Require, Impose, Be significant of, Presume, Coparcenary, Infer, Stand for, Occasion, Will, Symptomize, Hand on, Testify, Birthright, Make necessary, Need, Be indicative of, Make a bequest, Coheirship, Involve, Suppose, Disclose, Hint, Denominate, Heritable, Intimate, Inheritance, Characterize, Borough-English, Legacy, Add a codicil, Bring, Demand, Mean to say, Lead to, Heirship, Take in, Import, Insinuate, Indicate, Mark, Take for granted, Transmit, Signify, Manifest, Subsume

How to use Entail in a sentence?

  1. A situation where there is a lot of danger.
  2. The damage in the UK is alarming
  3. Her father's inheritance was passed on to cousins.

Meaning of Entail & Entail Definition