Enrolled Agent (EA)

Enrolled Agent (EA),

Enrolled Agent (EA):

  • Enrolled Agent (EA) can be defined as, A Registered Agent (EA) is a tax professional licensed by the United States government to represent taxpayers in licensed Internal Revenue Service (IRS) matters. EAs must pass an exam or gain considerable experience as an IRS employee and pass a background check. Registered agents first appeared in 1884 due to difficulties in claiming civil war compensation.

  • A tax advisor who can represent clients in IRS exams and make appeals based on passing a rigorous IRS exam or past IRS experience.

Literal Meanings of Enrolled Agent (EA)


Meanings of Enrolled:
  1. Be formally registered as a member of an institution or a student of a course.

  2. Make a list of court proceedings (proceedings or other documents).

Sentences of Enrolled
  1. He is enrolling in a drama school

  2. Furnishings in religious homes are measured not only by the privileges registered with the Chancellor

Synonyms of Enrolled

sign up, put one's name down, register, volunteer, apply, matriculate, sign on


Meanings of Agent:
  1. A person who works on behalf of another person or group.

  2. Someone or something that plays an active role or has a special effect.

Sentences of Agent
  1. In case of illness, your nephew can act as a legal representative with unlimited powers.

  2. Universities are generally liberal communities that often see themselves as agents of social change.

Synonyms of Agent

business manager, representative, emissary, broker, proxy, trustee, liaison, medium, frontman, vehicle, delegate, surrogate, factor, go-between, envoy, instrument, spokesman, spokeswoman, negotiator, mouthpiece, means, spokesperson