Enrolled Actuary

Enrolled Actuary,

Enrolled Actuary Meanings:

Registered Actures Insurance is a financial and statistical analyst authorized to perform its professional duties through the Joint Council of the Ministry of Profession and the Ministry of Labor.

Enrolled Actuary can be defined as, It is the one that provides practical services for the program and is registered with the Joint Federal Council for a list of acquirers.

Literal Meanings of Enrolled Actuary


Meanings of Enrolled:
  1. Be formally registered as a member of an institution or a student of a course.

  2. Make a list of court proceedings (proceedings or other documents).

Sentences of Enrolled
  1. Enrolled in drama school

  2. Furnishings in religious homes are measured not only by the privileges registered with the Chancellor

Synonyms of Enrolled

sign up, put one's name down, matriculate, sign on, volunteer, apply, register


Meanings of Actuary:
  1. Someone who collects data, analyzes it and uses it to calculate insurance risks and premiums.

Sentences of Actuary
  1. Each year, the Pension Fund Manager prepares a report, and every three years Actuary makes an assessment that analyzes the financial risk.

  2. The insured then receives the amount of the contract provision, which is calculated based on the amount paid so far by the acquirer.

  3. The company says its activities calculate the value of its membership based on the possibility of a year-round claim and the general litigation environment.

  4. We also provide modeling support for insurers working on bespoke insurance products for insurance companies or large corporations.

  5. Life expectancy is a term used by actuaries, people who calculate insurance usage statistics and probabilities.

  6. Responsible actors and pension fund trustees never let that happen.

  7. As a result, actors say the pension fund has too much money.

  8. Without her work as an actress, Schmidt, 66, would be unrecognizable.