Definition of Engineering:

  1. The branch of science and technology that deals with the design, construction and use of machines, machines and structures.

  2. The process of using knowledge and principles to design, create and analyze objects. Engineering is an integral part of most materials that need to be built and has a wide range of fields, including civil, electrical, mechanical and chemical. There are so many engineering demands in some areas that only posts related to technical aspects of the project have been created.

Synonyms of Engineering

Scientific, Non-theoretical, Applying science, Applied, Practical

How to use Engineering in a sentence?

  1. Direct interaction with computers can help students see career opportunities arising from studying science, technology, engineering and math.

Meaning of Engineering & Engineering Definition

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What is The Meaning of Engineering?

See Synonyms Main Term Loss Control.

Meanings of Engineering

  1. A branch of science and technology related to the design, construction and use of machines, machines and structures.

Sentences of Engineering

  1. Direct interaction with the computer can help students see the career opportunities that come from studying science, technology, engineering and math.