Enforcement Decision Document (EDD)

Enforcement Decision Document (EDD),

Enforcement Decision Document (EDD) Definition:

A document explaining to the people the choice of remedial alternatives by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at the National Priority List (NPL) enforcement agency.

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Meanings of Enforcement:
  1. The act of respecting or obeying a law, rule or responsibility.

Sentences of Enforcement
  1. Strict compliance with environmental regulations

Synonyms of Enforcement

imposition, pursuance, prosecution, administering, implementation, carrying out, application, execution, administration, discharge, fulfilment


Meanings of Decision:
  1. Any result or resolution after the examination.

Sentences of Decision
  1. I will decide for myself

Synonyms of Decision

conclusion, resolution, commitment, settlement, resolve, determination


Meanings of Document:
  1. Recording writing, photography or anything else (anything)

  2. Any written, printed or electronic article that provides information, evidence or serves as an official document.

Sentences of Document
  1. Photographers have been documenting the miners' lives for years

  2. This site provides access to official documents and reports, but not for political analysis.

Synonyms of Document

set down in black and white, take down, write about, contract, certificate, official paper, chronicle, paper, set down, write down, commit to paper, archive, set down in writing, put on record, record, file, report, deed, legal agreement, catalogue, charter


Meanings of EDD:
  1. Estimated date of birth (of a child) is usually calculated from the date of the mother's last menstrual period.