Enforcement Action

Enforcement Action,

How Do You Define Enforcement Action?

  1. Meaning of Enforcement Action: Regulatory tools that the OCC can use to correct problems or change national banks.

Literal Meanings of Enforcement Action


Meanings of Enforcement:
  1. Respect or comply with any action, law, principle or responsibility.

Sentences of Enforcement
  1. Strict compliance with environmental regulations

Synonyms of Enforcement

administering, carrying out, application, prosecution, implementation, pursuance, imposition, execution, fulfilment, discharge, administration


Meanings of Action:
  1. Usually, the act or process of doing something to achieve a goal.

  2. One thing acted.

  3. The way or method of work, usually the way a method works or how a person moves.

  4. An armed conflict

  5. Court case case.

Sentences of Action
  1. Promise action against the perpetrators again and again

  2. He often questions his actions

  3. Weapons have stable speed and action

  4. Soldiers missing during the war

  5. Compensation requests

Synonyms of Action

legal dispute, activity, venture, conflict, working, combat, lawsuit, work, fighting, movement, act, manoeuvre, war, prosecution, suit, battle, exertion, legal action, measures, exploit, armed conflict, endeavour, warfare, litigation, undertaking, enterprise, gesture, steps