Enforceable Requirements

Enforceable Requirements,

Enforceable Requirements:

  1. Regulations or restrictions on licenses issued under the Clean Water Act, Section 402 or 404, which, if violated, may result in compliance with applicable federal or state laws or order civil or criminal proceedings. If approval is not forthcoming, the term includes all the requirements that the Regional Administrator (RA) believes will be included in the approval after its approval. If the license does not apply, the term includes all the requirements that RA deems necessary for the best practical waste treatment technology to meet applicable standards.

Literal Meanings of Enforceable Requirements


Meanings of Enforceable:
  1. (Law, rule or liability) that may apply to enforcement.

Sentences of Enforceable
  1. A binding and enforceable agreement


Meanings of Requirements:
  1. Anything that is necessary or desirable.

Sentences of Requirements
  1. Choose the window that best suits your needs