Energy Risk Professional (ERP)

Energy Risk Professional (ERP),

What is The Meaning of Energy Risk Professional (ERP)?

  • Energy Risk Professional (ERP) is a professional title given by the World Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) to individuals working in the fields of oil, coal, natural gas and alternative energy. Until 2021, no more names will be offered.

    • Energy Risk Professionals (ERP) is a status of the Global Risk Professionals Association (GARP).
    • ERP labeling is done by people working in the oil, coal, natural gas and alternative energy industries.
    • For example, the rank of ERP is equivalent to advanced degrees in many countries. B. Master in USA.
    • The purpose of the ERP test is to assess a candidate's ability to handle the physical and financial risks of the energy world.
    • GARP announced in 2020 that name analysis was no longer offered and that 2021 would be the last year. The exam is only for those who have completed the first part of the two part exam.

Literal Meanings of Energy Risk Professional (ERP)


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