Energy conservation

Energy conservation,

Definition of Energy conservation:

  1. The principle by which the total energy remains constant in a system that is not subject to external influence.

  2. The prevention of the wasteful use of energy, especially in order to ensure its continuing availability.

  3. Reduction in the amount of energy consumed in a process or system, or by an organization or society, through economy, elimination of waste, and rational use.

How to use Energy conservation in a sentence?

  1. The energy conservation priority of the company was unmatched in the industry and this is why we think they had so much success.
  2. Being good at energy conservation will save your business a lot of money over time and is also good for the environment.
  3. My dad did not want use to have all the electronics on at once because he wanted to practice at least a little energy conservation .
  4. The houses are designed with energy conservation and low maintenance costs firmly in mind.

Meaning of Energy conservation & Energy conservation Definition