Definition of Endorse:

  1. Supporting or helping a project, idea or person. He supported the Democratic presidential candidate because he agreed with his views on public order. He approves the project proposed by his boss and works for his boss to get it approved.

  2. Sign on the back (check or bill of exchange) to pay or be responsible for the payment to someone other than the designated beneficiary.

  3. For example, sign legal documents. B. Check. See also approval and help.

  4. Express public approval or cooperation.

Synonyms of Endorse

Ratify, Countersign, Approve of, Autograph, Vise, Assure, Say aye, Respect, Stand by, Be willing, Seal, Accede to, Aid and abet, Condescend, Connive at, Elect, Hold with, Guarantee, Encourage, Agree to, Sign on the back, Ratify, Notarize, Esteem, Swear to, Comfort, Admire, Uphold, Stand up for, Assent, Support, Abet, Countersecure, Consent to, Think well of, Second, Initial, Bond, Support, Nod, Undersign, Vote, Vouch, Rubber stamp, Deign, View with favor, Sanction, Amen, Give the imprimatur, Hearten, OK, Nod assent, Validate, Vote aye, Approve, Inscribe, Say amen to, Secure, Endorse, Take kindly to, Cosign, Ensure, Authenticate, Guaranty, Be sponsor for, Initial, Countersign, Smile upon, Back, Defend, Subscribe, Give consent, Witness, Go along with, Give permission, Shine upon, Sign, Attest, Confirm, Have no objection, Affirm, Pass, Warrant, Swear and affirm, Assent to, Stand behind, Grant, Recommend, Insure, Maintain, Embolden, Sign for, Accord to, Vote affirmatively, Nominate, Confirm, Advocate, Put ones mark on, Bless, Back up, Favor, Pass on, Indorse, Countenance, Consent, Pass upon, Uphold, Sustain, Approve of, Accredit, Yield assent, Say yes, Permit, Wink at, Agree to, Keep in countenance, Command, Sponsor, Subscribe to, Certify, Accept, Give thumbs up, Go for, Give the go-ahead, Sign and seal, Consent to silently, Underwrite, Sanction, Not refuse, Superscribe, Okay, Visa, Autograph, Authorize, Approve, Champion

How to use Endorse in a sentence?

  1. All Nescar drivers are recommended by a number of companies, including Budweiser, Loose, Target, Home Depot and Best Buy.
  2. Athletes work hard enough to approve a product after retirement, and I hope they like the products they recommend to other people.
  3. However, in most cases, the beneficiary will confirm the check, even if it has been withdrawn from your own account.
  4. The report was approved by the university.
  5. I recommend that you authorize checks before going to the bank to make sure they are running smoothly and deal with the bank regularly.

Meaning of Endorse & Endorse Definition