Endemic Disease Coverage

Endemic Disease Coverage,

What is The Meaning of Endemic Disease Coverage?

  • Explain that employee compensation and employer liability insurance apply to deaths from physical injury or certain illnesses abroad, even if the illness limits the compensation for accidents caused by occupational illnesses in certain states. Does not fall under the law. .

Literal Meanings of Endemic Disease Coverage


Meanings of Endemic:
  1. (Disease or condition) that occurs regularly in some people or in certain areas.

  2. (Plant or animal) native and limited to a particular place.

  3. Endangered plants or animals.

Sentences of Endemic
  1. Satisfaction is common in today's industry

  2. Elimination of Mercury in northeastern Australia

  3. There are three types of localities on the island

Synonyms of Endemic

widespread, prevailing, frequent, usual, common, general, universal, pervasive, extensive, ubiquitous, ordinary, domestic, home-grown, home-made, home, local, around, in circulation, in existence, current, going on, prevalent, endemic, happening, in the air, abroad


Meanings of Disease:
  1. Disruption of the structure or function of humans, animals or plants, especially those that cause specific signs or symptoms, or affect specific areas, and are not the only direct result of injury. physically.

Sentences of Disease
  1. Bacterial meningitis is a rare disease

Synonyms of Disease

illness, sickness, ill health