End result

End result,

Definition of End result:

  1. The final result or outcome of an activity or process.

  2. A final outcome of a process. The end result or bottom line of an investment or business decision basically amounts to how much money was made or lost as a direct result of deciding on that particular course of action.

Synonyms of End result

Result, Consequence, Outcome, Out-turn, Sequel, Effect, Reaction, Repercussion, Reverberations, Ramification, End, End result, Conclusion, Termination, Culmination, Denouement, Corollary, Concomitant, Aftermath, Fruit, Fruits, Product, Produce, By-product

How to use End result in a sentence?

  1. We are on hand to help you achieve the best possible end result.

Meaning of End result & End result Definition