Definition of Encumbrance:

  1. A burden or obstacle

  2. Accounting: Emergency liabilities, contracts, orders, payroll, tax liabilities or legal penalties that apply to accounts. When it is paid or the actual cost of the liability is determined and it is recognized as an expense, the liability is no longer incurred.

  3. The term is used to refer to funds allocated to accounts and funds allocated for certain obligations.

  4. Claims are claims against the property of a third party other than the owner. A fee may affect the transfer of an asset and restrict its free use until the fee is waived. The most common types of fees apply to real estate, including mortgages, property rights and entitlements. Not all expenses are financial, this facility is an example of non-financial expenses. Unlike the real estate sector, private property can also be charged.

  5. Immovable property - relating to property, rights, obligations and regulations and relating to property. This may interfere with the description of the title (see special headline) or reduce the value of the property, but it does not prevent the title from being sent.

    Claims can take many forms: mortgages, third party claims, court decisions, pending lawsuits, unpaid taxes, binding loan bonds or agreements, environmental aid rights or zoning regulations.

Synonyms of Encumbrance

Obstacle, Obstruction, Bale, Bitter pill, Pensioner, Bitter draft, Inconvenience, Incubus, Woe, Incumbency, Hardship, Trouble, Gall, Impedance, Impediment, Hamper, Inconvenience, Burden of care, Weight, Bitter cup, Constraint, Sea of troubles, Pensionary, Distress, Overtaxing, Burdening, Ward, Bitter draught, Care, Drawback, Impedimenta, Crown of thorns, Client, Peck of troubles, Disadvantage, Albatross, Hindrance, Gall and wormwood, Cross, Liability, Thorn, Nuisance, Protege, Curse, Impediment, Cumber, Obstruction, Oppression, Loading, Pressure, Onus, Handicap, Lumber, Affliction, Superincumbency, Sorrow, Deadweight, Penalty, Pack, Restraint, Waters of bitterness, Handicap, Load, Disadvantage, Public charge, Charging, Surcharge, Overweighting, Overload, Cumbrance, Saddling, Charge, Grievance, Pack of troubles, White elephant, Millstone, Drag, Clog, Dependent, Embarrassment, Cargo, Taxing, Obstacle, Imposition, Difficulty, Burden, Infliction, Hindrance, Freight, Burthen, Cankerworm of care, Lading

How to use Encumbrance in a sentence?

  1. Expenses are claimed against the property by someone other than the current owner.
  2. Some common claims are rent, testament, title and mortgage.
  3. Although a bag may seem uncomfortable and painful, its contents are an important part of accomplishing a mission.
  4. The horse lifted its hind legs as if trying to clean up the mess.
  5. Some claims do not affect property values. This is usually seen in business cases.
  6. Each order is listed as an expense along with the company's resources, which have the right to use the resources for a specific purpose.
  7. Some people think that caring for a person with a disability is a burden, but a person with a disability needs more care than just their disability.

Meaning of Encumbrance & Encumbrance Definition


Encumbrance Meanings:

  1. A simple definition of Encumbrance is: Claims are claims against the ownership of parties other than the owner. Fees can affect the transportation of property and restrict its free use until the fee is waived. The most common types of fees apply to real estate, including mortgages, amenities, and property taxes. Not all charges are financial, this facility is an example of non-financial charges. Unlike real estate, private property can also incur fees.

    • Expenses are claimed on the property by someone other than the current owner.
    • Some claims do not affect property values. It is commonly seen in commercial boxes.
    • Some common claims are rent, rights, convenience and mortgage.

  2. Property claims, such as mortgages, wages, and material loans or dowries. The owner's interest is less than the fee.

  3. Encumbrance definition is: Assets (real and personal) for which the owner does not have a complete and clear legal claim are considered attached. Such obligations may be in the form of a mortgage, borrowing on unpaid taxes, mechanical indebtedness on materials and / or wages, foreclosure (the owner's alleged obligations require obtaining another person's claim that is not related to the property). Survivors' rights, or restrictions.

  4. Encumbrance definition is: On outstanding mortgages or other property-related loans and accumulated purchases or construction costs.

Sentences of Encumbrance

  1. The horse lifts its hind legs as if to get rid of the dirt


Encumbrance Definition:

(1) Mortgages or other loans to the company

Encumbrance refers to Any property claims such as a pledge, mortgage or dowry (wife's right to her husband's property after the wife's death) will be deducted from the total cost of interest from the owner.

A way to allocate funds for future expenses by debiting the available account balance. Purchase orders and other documents contain funds for future payments, resulting in a verified transaction that deducts funds from the balance in the free account. If this happens, the charge should be reversed.