What is a long process?

A bulky item is large and heavy, which makes it difficult to carry, carry or handle. A cumbersome system or process is very complicated and inefficient. an old and bulky computer system. The proposed regulation is indefinite, cumbersome and can be unnecessarily expensive.

Simply put, how do you use the word bulky in a sentence?

Examples of heavy sentences

  1. The large wardrobes were uncomfortable and uncomfortable.
  2. It will be much larger than my usual costume.
  3. While it was possible, Quinn’s equipment was cumbersome and there was the ever-present problem of complete silence, not to mention the problem of safety.

What is the synonym for bulky?

SYNONYMS. Unmanageable, unmanageable, difficult, clumsy, bad, impractical, inadequate. lumpy, thick, heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy. sobbing casually, lumpy.

What is the most likely definition of the word bulky?

The most likely definition of the word bulky is something that is difficult to carry around because it is so heavy. Another opinion is a complicated situation that needs to be addressed. Some synonyms of the word bulky can be heavy, uncomfortable, or difficult.

What is a difficult person?

labour intensive. The long cumbersome word is a bit tiring, it’s cumbersome, or a bit long and awkward to put in a sentence. A carpenter is something that slows you down, and although words have nothing to do with each other, there are large chunks of heavy wood in the wood that can slow the wearer down.

In which part of the speech is the word cumbersome?


What is a fashion?

Definition of mood. 1: a bizarre or eccentric idea or line of thought and often suddenly: the desire to leave work on a whim. 2: Large winch consisting of one or more radiant arms that carry a horse and can be used in mines for lifting minerals or water.

What is the correct meaning of the word moment?

Instant comes from the Latin instantaneous which means available. When something is immediately available, it’s there when you need it. You can give someone an instant response or see an instant change. If something happens suddenly, it can be said to be immediate.

Is that a bulky word?

Last name. something that removes all serious, unnecessary or unnecessary obstacles: poverty was a burden on life. a drug addict, especially a child. Law.

How do you use a deficit in a sentence?

How do you use consequence in a sentence?

Example sentences

How to use imprisoned in a sentence?

Examples of being stuck in one sentence

What does heaviness in government mean?

Definition of annoying. 1: bulky in terms of weight and mass, bulky packaging. 2: slow: cumbersome and cumbersome administrative procedures. 3 dialect: annoying, annoying.

What does standing water mean?

do not float or sink, such as water, air, etc. outdated or unsightly, like a puddle. characterized by lack of development, progress or gradual movement: a stagnant economy.

What does bulky in number mean?

What is the opposite of confusing?

confuse stupid confuse bad confuse tangles misidentify blur. Opposites. demystify deglysolize stop undoubtedly unaffected.

Which antonym is closest to the word attention?

Antonyms for caution

Which antonym is closest to the word destroyer?

antonyms to wreak havoc?





What is the best word for difficult?

Words related to difficult

What’s another word to take a break?

What is the synonym for impoverished?

emptying, emptying, exhausting, poor, failure means depriving something that is essential to existence or forcing. out of stock means a decrease in the number or quantity affecting the function.

What is the synonym for impracticable?