Definition of Encryption:

  1. Encrypt confidential information so that it cannot be read by anyone other than the intended recipient. Encryption is performed by hardware / software that creates encrypted data using a series of mathematical operations (encryption algorithms) known as ciphertext. The recipient, who must have an electronic key to encrypt the data, uses a similar tool to convert the encrypted text into its original (readable) form, called plain text. Is known from

  2. Encryption is an important way for individuals and businesses to protect sensitive information from being hacked. For example, websites that send credit card numbers and bank accounts should always keep this information confidential to avoid identity theft and fraud.

  3. Encryption is an algorithm and a way to protect digital data using a password or key. The encryption process translates information using algorithms that make plain text irreplaceable. If authorized users need to read the data, they can decrypt it with a binary key. .

  4. The process of changing information or data in code, especially to prevent unauthorized access.

How to use Encryption in a sentence?

  1. I use confidential information sent online for security purposes.
  2. To access the database, Daryl had to find encryption for the mainframe database to open its doors.
  3. Most electronic financial transactions are highly encrypted to prevent confidential information from being stolen and used for illegal purposes.
  4. The young celebrity hires an IT professional to encrypt and protect the files on his computer from hackers.

Meaning of Encryption & Encryption Definition

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