Definition of Encroachment:

  1. A penalty in which a field player goes into the neutral zone at the start of the game.

  2. Area intervention, rights, etc. Of a person

  3. An invasion is an immovable property situation in which a homeowner violates a neighbor's property rights by building or extending a building on a neighboring property or property. Exceeding the boundaries of disputed property can be a problem when someone deliberately attacks their neighbors or when the owners ignore the boundaries of their property.

  4. Illegal (gradual and unauthorized) intrusion into third party land, property, other property or rights. For example, buildings that exceed the legal limits of nearby public or private land or road or highway construction.

  5. Confiscation leads to a violation of the owner's property rights. When an owner enters a neighbor's property, he must enter the neighbor's property. Illegal registration occurs when the owner enters the neighboring land or builds a building that separates the two properties by exceeding the legal limit. For example, building a fence or maintaining a wall that crosses a property line, or spreading a fence or branch outside a property line can be considered an attack.

Synonyms of Encroachment

Appropriation of, Imposition, Interjection, Intrusion into, Transgression, Infiltration, Insinuation, Intervention, Trespassing, Intrusion, Adoption, Infringement, Usurping of, Entrance, Obtrusion, Interposure, Injection, Overstepping, Invasion, Usurpation, Appropriation, Incursion, Seizure, Unlawful entry, Playing God, Influx, Irruption, Invasion of, Incursion into, Interposition, Interference, Assumption, Inroad, Interloping, Infraction, Overrunning of, Impingement, Obtrusion into, Interruption, Arrogation, Entrenchment, Infiltration of, Trespass, Trespass on

How to use Encroachment in a sentence?

  1. Structural invasion occurs when owners build or expand structures in public places. .
  2. Small interference in our individual freedom.
  3. Attacks occur when landowners attack neighboring property through building or extension of buildings. .
  4. Relief is one such concept, but it is friendly and reasonable compensation is usually paid to the right owner.

Meaning of Encroachment & Encroachment Definition