Encias Sangrantes Murphy

Encias Sangrantes Murphy

What is a ■■■■■■ Morph Encounter? 3

I wonder who cooked or spilled Simpson's gums, I think he called it at the end of the chapter, when the sugar ran out in Springfield. Thank you very much


Question: What is your number in real life?

She was Jay's singer who died in the first season of The Simpsons. What very few people know is that he is Dr. Hebert's brother, as seen in a Simpson chapter.

He was an African American, Lisa's saxophone teacher. When he died, he appeared in the clouds as the Lion King.

Without any historical basis for the gum-bleeding character, I have always dared to believe that this is an animation of the famous Gen R&B and Soul Artist BARRY E, without questioning the information in the p-series that it Based on physicality. Unusual shapes and features of Barry and Enca's music in BajoBar ± Tono, Grave e Ronco, remember the chapter Del Dàa de Garrote where Lisa connects the snake with her son Nawas de la, giving you a more serious and loud sound. That is, it creates waves of evil on the earth.

Who does he represent in real life? Is he just a Simpson character?

Teacher Lisa ???????

Encias Sangrantes Murphy

Encias Sangrantes Murphy

He met Simpson sexo fan Lisa and became her role model. He sometimes dies and likes to be advised not to give up his sex phone.

Oh Simpsons too !!!!!!!

I'm a sex fanatic as Lisa's teacher.

He was the one who played Xaxsofon with Lisa and he died and gave it to Lisa =)

Encias Sangrantes Murphy