Enchanting Ruby Necklace Rs3

Enchanting Ruby Necklace Rs3

RUNESCAPE: Did I teach Ruby magic? 3

I have all the necessary levels and resources. But whenever I try to cast a spell on Ruby, I get the message.

You have not discovered the secret of the magnificent ruby ​​necklace.

What is the secret and what am I learning?


I have been a member of Runescape for 6 months now. My magic level is 59. I can upgrade sapphires and emeralds. You may need to complete a mission to update Ruby. I just want to know what the requirements are. Research, work, achievements, you name it.

I have all the requirements and resources to update Ruby and I am a member.

It's not that the streets can't be enchanted, its unique ruby ​​necklace doesn't directly enchant. If I remember correctly, you can learn this by clearing the rock at the Varrock Museum (excavation site survey required).

Otherwise, it will be one of the most sought after excavations, but I'm sure you'll find out about it at the museum.

Enchanting Ruby Necklace Rs3