Definition of Encapsulation:

  1. The succinct expression or depiction of the essential features of something.

  2. Computing: Enclosing of a set of data (code) into another set of code to protect its integrity when transferring it between non-compatible systems, or to secure it from unauthorized access during transmission.

  3. Waste disposal: Packing of hazardous waste in containers make of impervious and non-reactive material (such as glass or dense plastic) and sealing of this container in another one of concrete, plastic, or steel for burial or storage.

  4. The action of enclosing something in or as if in a capsule.

How to use Encapsulation in a sentence?

  1. Encapsulation of contaminants within a solid glasslike matrix.
  2. His encapsulation of the concept.

Meaning of Encapsulation & Encapsulation Definition



Encapsulation means, Treat asbestos-containing materials with liquids with a protective coating on the surface or by adding fibers to the adhesive matrix to prevent asbestos from escaping into the air.

Meanings of Encapsulation

  1. Holding something or acting like a capsule.

  2. A brief expression or representation of the essential properties of an object.

Sentences of Encapsulation

  1. Solid matrix, such as encapsulation of impurities in glass

  2. Summarize your idea