Definition of Employment:

  1. The state of being employed.

  2. The condition of having paid work.

Synonyms of Employment

Act, Acting, Action, Active use, Activism, Activities, Activity, Affair, Affairs, Appliance, Application, Appointment, Assignment, Attendance, Bag, Behavior, Berth, Bespeaking, Billet, Booking, Briefing, Business, Calling, Commerce, Concern, Concernment, Consumption, Craft, Dirty work, Disposition, Doing, Donkeywork, Drudgery, Employ, Engagement, Engaging, Enlistment, Enrollment, Enterprise, Exercise, Exercising, Exertion, Exploitation, Fag, Fatigue, Function, Functioning, Gig, Good use, Grind, Handiwork, Handling, Handwork, Hard usage, Hard use, Hire, Hiring, Ill use, Implementation, Incumbency, Industry, Interest, Job, Labor, Lick, Lick of work, Line, Livelihood, Lookout, Management, Manipulation, Manual labor, Matter, Metier, Ministration, Ministry, Mission, Misuse, Moil, Moonlighting, Movements, Occupation, Office, Opening, Operation, Operations, Peonage, Place, Play, Position, Post, Practice, Praxis, Preengagement, Profession, Purpose, Pursuit, Racket, Rat race, Recruitment, Reservation, Retaining, Retainment, Rough usage, Scut work, Second job, Serfdom, Service, Servitium, Servitorship, Servitude, Situation, Skill, Slavery, Spadework, Station, Stroke, Stroke of work, Sweat, Swing, Taking on, Task, Tendance, Tenure, Thing, Tiresome work, Toil, Trade, Travail, Treadmill, Undertaking, Usage, Use, Using, Using up, Utilization, Vacancy, Vocation, Work, Working, Workings, Wrong use

How to use Employment in a sentence?

  1. A fall in the numbers in full-time employment.
  2. If you have been out of work for awhile finally finding employment will really help to make you feel a lot more confident.
  3. I was offered employment at the restaurant and it made me very excited because of the benefits I would be receiving.
  4. The new college graduate was extremely overwhelmed with all of the factors to consider while searching for employment opportunities in her field.

Meaning of Employment & Employment Definition

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