Employment Risk

Employment Risk,

How Do You Define Employment Risk?

  • Employee work or job-related hazards.

Literal Meanings of Employment Risk


Meanings of Employment:
  1. Paid working conditions.

Sentences of Employment
  1. Decrease in the number of full-time jobs


Meanings of Risk:
  1. Expose loss, damage or loss to anyone or anything of value.

  2. Conditions involved in exposure to hazards.

Sentences of Risk
  1. Disobeying the law is very dangerous

Synonyms of Risk

put in jeopardy, fear, put in danger, take a chance with, possibility, menace, hazard, bet, likelihood, threat, prospect, imperil, gamble, danger, probability, venture, peril, endanger, jeopardize, expose to danger, chance, put at risk, wager, gamble with, put on the line