Employer-sponsored Retirement Plan

Employer-sponsored Retirement Plan,

Employer-sponsored Retirement Plan Meanings:

Employer-sponsored Retirement Plan means: Valuable assets, such as a 401 (k) plan, can be offered to you as an employee to help you save financially for retirement.

Literal Meanings of Employer-sponsored Retirement Plan


Meanings of Employer:
  1. An individual or organization that employs people.

Sentences of Employer
  1. The national health system is Europe's largest employer

Synonyms of Employer

head man, chief executive, proprietor, managing director, president, manager, principal, boss, manageress, director, patron, head woman


Meanings of Sponsored:
  1. (Project, activity, etc.) Financial support is provided by a specific organization or agency.

  2. Refers to fundraising or activities in which each participant receives a sponsor's commitment to donate a certain amount to complete the activity.

Sentences of Sponsored
  1. In the past, sponsored research accounted for two-thirds of the budget


Meanings of Retirement:
  1. The act or process of stopping work and stopping work.

  2. Removing the jury from the courtroom to deliver the verdict.

  3. Separation.

Sentences of Retirement
  1. A man who is about to retire

  2. It took the jury four years to make choices, make decisions, solve problems, reduce costs, increase compensation, edit items, edit items and read articles by count.

  3. I live in retired Miami

Synonyms of Retirement

loneliness, privacy, seclusion, isolation, obscurity, solitude, stopping work, retreat, giving up work, stopping working


Synonyms of Plan

map out, draft, draw up a layout of, formula, ploy, agenda, ambition, object, work out, design, think out, game plan, line up, organize, system, chalk out, suggestion, aspiration, method, arrangement, project, proposal