Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Employee Stock Purchase Plan,

What is Employee Stock Purchase Plan?

Employee Stock Purchase Plan definition is: This allows employees to buy the company's stock through pay rebates, often at a lower price. Employees can sell shares purchased under this scheme at any time. Because they buy at a lower price, they can often make a profit. (A stock purchase plan is commonly referred to as a Section 423 plan).

The Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) is a proprietary program that allows co-employees to buy stock from the company at a lower price. Employees contribute to the scheme through a pay rebate between the offer date and the purchase date. On the day of the purchase, the company uses the funds raised by the employees to purchase the company's shares on behalf of the co-employees.

  • ESPP is a program that allows employees to buy shares in the company at a lower price.
  • Employees contribute through pay cuts that remain until the date of purchase.
  • In some cases the discount can be up to 15%.

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