Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook,

Employee Handbook Meanings:

  • Employee Handbook means: Documents that contain information that employees may need to refer frequently to meet employment needs.

Literal Meanings of Employee Handbook


Meanings of Employee:
  1. Someone who is employed for a salary or a salary, especially at the non-executive level.

Synonyms of Employee

breadwinner, worker, hired man, hired hand, workforce, member of the workforce, hired person, hireling, personnel, hand, artisan, labourer, hired help, white-collar worker, wage-earner, workman, blue-collar worker, staff, member of staff


Meanings of Handbook:
  1. A book that contains information such as facts about a particular subject or instructions on how to operate the machine.

Sentences of Handbook
  1. Guide to Poisonous Plants

Synonyms of Handbook

enchiridion, ABC, desk-book, instructions, promptuary, reference manual, Baedeker, companion, instruction manual, manual, compendium, instruction booklet, A to Z, vade mecum, guidebook, travel guide, guide, almanac, directory, tourist guide