Employee As Lessor Endorsement

Employee As Lessor Endorsement,

What Does Employee As Lessor Endorsement Mean?

  • This commercial motor vehicle permit (CA 99 47) can be used primarily to protect a motor vehicle owned by an insured worker and is described in Homing. The car described is treated as an insured car, not as a rented, borrowed or rented car by the patient. The difference is significant, because the driver CA 99 47 provides basic protection to this vehicle. A trade automotive policy that is not approved will only provide additional protection.

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Meanings of Employee:
  1. The person who is hired or paid, especially at the non-executive level.

Sentences of Employee
  1. In general, there is no formal structure for employee representation at the board level.

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Meanings of Lessor:
  1. A person who leases or leases property to other owners.

Sentences of Lessor
  1. The landlord and his lawyer discuss the tenant's tactics

Synonyms of Lessor

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Meanings of Endorsement:
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  2. A clause in an insurance policy that specifies an exclusion or change in coverage.

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  1. The issue of complete independence was widely supported

  2. Get additional support and insurance certificates from independent contractors who manage the program on your behalf or who visit your facility.

Synonyms of Endorsement

agreement, advocacy, recommendation, championship, patronage, support, backing, seal of approval, approval, acceptance