Definition of Emolument:

  1. Emolument is derived from the Latin term "emolumentum," which had a dual meaning: effort or labor, on the one hand; and benefit, gain or profit, on the other. It originally meant the sum paid to a miller for grinding a customer's wheat. The word is archaic and little used today, except in legal contexts.

  2. Advantage, benefit, profit, or wage received as compensation for being employed or holding an office.

  3. An emolument is compensation, based on time and length of activity, for employment, services or holding office and is generally used in a legal context. Emolument can vary depending on the type and length of service being performed.

How to use Emolument in a sentence?

  1. The emolument was of considerable benefit to the elected politician as they did so much work for free they needed to eat as well.
  2. Actually, I don�t care how much emolument you promise me, nothing you can say will convince me to work here any longer!.
  3. The more of an emolument you offer to your employees the harder they will work to want to keep the job.

Meaning of Emolument & Emolument Definition


Emolument: What is the Meaning of Emolument?

Total salary, benefits or allowances paid to an individual for the work or positions performed

Meanings of Emolument

  1. Salary, expenses or income from a job or office.

Sentences of Emolument

  1. Director's fees

Synonyms of Emolument

charge, payment, fee, consideration